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Heart favored accepting the Mac OS on your Windows PC interface. Okay, iBoot is a software developed to install MAC OS X on PCs or Laptops. It especially based on Intel CPU PCs. Yes, iBoot Windows is the leading software app with Windows PC users. Microsoft cooperation is the producer of Windows operating system to the globe with a very large number of functionalities. Hence, if you wish to use other Operating Systems such as Mac OS systems in your Windows PCs as your virtual machine, iBoot Windows most utility app to do that very easily. If you need to go through this smart app, we are going to talk about the iBoot Windows from this content. Let us start to see iBoot Windows from the beginning.

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Introduction about the iBoot Windows

iBoot Windows is a software application that you use to get the Mac OS on your Windows PCs. Basically, Mac OS is not run any windows PC. In that case, you should have to use the Apple PC device to run the Mac OS. As you know that Mac PCs are too much expensive than the Windows PC and you can’t run this app d. Anyhow, if you hope to use the Mac OS on your Windows PC device, iBoot Windows is the special application that allows installing the MAC OSX on Intel-based PC or Laptop. Which means, all the Windows PC processors are Intel-based processors and they can use the Mac OS with Windows PC.

So that you can use iBoot Windows the best MAC OS X installation. We are really thanks for Developing iBoot and MultiBeast to the public named tonymacx86. Indeed, they released the most useful and effective program to turn to the Mac OS on your Windows PC.


Compatibility of the iBoot Windows Processors

  1. Core i3 Processors
  2. Core i5 Processors
  3. Core i7 Processors
  4. CoreDuo Processors
  5. Core2Duo Processors
  6. Pentium 4 Processors

Available iBoot Windows Versions

With the latest updates of the iBoot Windows Versions app, it comes out with the extra features. There are latest versions of iBoot Windows.

  1. iBoot Download 3.3.0
  2. iBoot Download Legacy 2.7.2
  3. iBoot Download Ivy Bridge 1.1.0
  4. iBoot Download Haswell 1.0.1

Why do you need to use the iBoot Windows?

Mac OS is the most stable operating system for any kind of desktop activity. As a Mac OS fan, you may want to use the Mac OS on your Windows PC to get different operating system powers within the one PC. So that you have to find the best and the trusted software application to install MAC OS X on PCs or Laptops. No mess, now you have the best application called iBoot Windows. Really, this smart app helps all the Windows users to install MAC OS X on PCs or Laptops. You just need to use iBoot Windows. Especially, this app works with different Intel-based PC devices. Simply, you can run the intel-based Core i3, i5, and i7 processors PCs but it does not work with the AMD processors. Plus, you can download this app as a free application and anyone can easy to use. This is an absolutely high-class technological approach for you. If you hope to use this app to install MAC OS X on your Windows PC, there is a true power of vanilla installation with the iBoot + MultiBeast Method. So these are the fact of the popularity behind this app on the world market. Without thinking twice, you can use the iBoot Windows to install MAC OS X on your Windows PC


Preparation your PC for iBoot Windows

Install Step Guide To iBoot Windows


You can follow the below steps to install MAC OSX on Core i3, i5, i7 processors running Intel-based PC or laptop devices. Remember that you can run Mac OS on any Intel-based processor with the help of iBoot Windows. So this is a must utility application all the people who want to install the Mac OS to Windows PCs.

  1. Step 01. BIOS Setting
  2. Step 02. Download the iBoot Windows from the download session.
  3. Step 03. Burn iBoot on CD or DVD.
  4. Step 04. Keep the iBoot CD/ DVD in your PC’s ROM.
  5. Step 05. Restart the PC.
  6. Step 06. Insert "Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard" DVD into CD ROM.
  7. Step 07. Press F5.
  8. Step 08. Press enter.
  9. Step 09. Open Utilities/Disk Utility on the next screen.
  10. Step 10. Partition your hard drive to GUID Partition Table.
  11. Step 10. Now format hard drive to “Mac OS Extended”.
  12. Step 11. Close the Disk Utility and choose Snow Leopard.
  13. Step 12. Select Customize > uncheck additional options > restart the computer.
  14. Step 13. Put back the iBoot and choose the new Snow Leopard installation.

Closing Words

All the Mac OS Desktop and Laptop models are very expensive and then you have to choose another way to working with Mak OS. No matter, you can use the line of Intel processors PC or laptop devices to install the install MAC OS X. Yes, you can use this iBoot + MultiBeast method to install MAC OS X. Actually, iBoot Windows is the best answer to that problem. The reason is, iBoot is an application that lets you install Max OS X on any Intel-based computer. It is developed by the developer named Tonymacx86 and we thanks to them for developing iBoot and MultiBeast. There is a most supportive user-friendly interface with good comfort to both new and old processors. Now you have the chance to run MultiBeast as often as you like. So this is the best time to change your current system to get different purpose at once. Yes, iBoot Windows is a smart app that allows installing the MAC OSX on the Intel CPUs PCs. Anyhow, if you have any questions, you can comment us from the below comment box. We will help you give the answers to your questions as soon as possible.